Keller Williams is proud to present The Powur Certified Agent Training for Realtors for FREE on November 16th.

This training will provide information and resources to help agents be prepared for the many issues that can and will come up when handling a transaction involving solar.
It’s more important than ever for agents to understand the impact of solar on the buying and selling of homes.

The Powur Certified Agent Training covers:Solar Training

  • Why do agents lose home sales b/c of solar?
  • How we power the energy grid today
  • How Net metering works
  • Solar Financing
  • Lease/Loan Assignments & Transfers
  • How identify and validate the value and economic benefit of a home with solar
  • The 5 Reasons homeowners don’t do solar
  • How to avoid losing sales in escrow because of solar issues
  • The difference Between Owned and Leased Systems
  • Solar Eligibility
  • How solar really affects the sales price of a home

Legal Training

  • What every agent should know about RESPA
  • The new laws being passed that require solar

Marketing Training

  • How to become a “trusted advisor” for your homeowners regarding solar
  • How to provide additional value to your homeowner database
  • How smart agents are creating a competitive advantage to win more listings with the solar conversation
  • How to earn commission on solar referrals from multiple providers

DATE: Thursday, November 16th
TIME: 12pm-1:30pm
LOCATION: KW Honolulu training room
COST: FREE (Lunch will be provided)

BYOB: (Bring Your Own Bill) to learn how to read your bill and enter a drawing for a gift card.