This week on the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show, we interview David Kopper of the Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC). We’ll talk about how the NHLC preserves the rights, customs and practices that strengthen Native Hawaiian identity and culture.

We also have your favorite experts providing this week’s tips on property management, mortgage loans, home inspection and home insurance!

Who is David Kopper?

David Kopper is the Director of Litigation at Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation (NHLC). He began serving the Native Hawaiian community as a NHLC staff attorney in 2010 as an intake staffer, and has since gone on to lead impact litigation on behalf of individuals, families, and communities.

He represents clients in various matters relating to Native Hawaiian rights law including historic property and burial site preservation, government leases and programs, and land title and historical native land claims.

To reach David you may contact him in the following ways:

Phone: 808-521-2302



Social media: