This week on the Team Lally Real Estate Radio Show, we interview Captain Joe Bardouche of Microseal Hawaii. We’ll talk about how to permanently protect your furniture, cars, and carpets from stain and sun damage.

We also have your favorite experts providing this week’s tips on property management, mortgage loans, home inspection and home insurance!

Who is Joe Bardouche?

Captain Joe Bardouche is a Managing Partner at Microseal Hawaii and currently lives in Honolulu.  He has also been a Yacht Broker at Harbor Yacht Sales since 2010. Microsea Hawaii provides permanent protection for all fabrics from stains and sun damage. They apply their products to furniture, automobiles, carpet, rugs, and more with no effect on the look or feel of the fabric.

To reach Captain Joe you may contact him in the following ways:

Phone: (808)256-0869