*What does it take to be a leader instead of a manager?

You can start by asking questions instead of giving answers.*

Today we wanted to give you some helpful information on how to be a leader.

Managers give answers – Leaders asked questions Managers manage work – Leaders lead people Managers develop subordinates – Leaders develop other leaders Managers dictate plans – Leaders cast a vision Managers insist on control – Leaders inspire collaboration

Managers are also accustomed to being the go-to person for answers they’re used to given direction and giving their opinion it makes them feel valued important and reinforces their position of authority. Also some managers prefer to deliver answers because they think that it will save precious time.

Unfortunately when managers routinely dish out the answers they become enablers that to a dysfunctional cycle. Which is actually a huge time waster now because team members regular have to seek out the manager for solutions rather than being problem solvers themselves.

“Stop giving answers and start asking questions.”

This prevents the ability to develop real solutions. Stifles the team member growth and ultimately limits the organization’s productivity. Additionally when team members are used to going to the manager for answers and direction they actually transfer the ownership of the problem from themselves to the manager. Consequently they can then blame the manager for the goals shortcomings and failures.

It is no longer their fault because they didn’t provide the solution. The manager did. Assigning team members with the task of uncovering the reason for their list goal or creating a viable solution to a problem challenge puts the responsibility back where it ultimately belongs. So how do you do all this by not providing answers. Instead answer every question with a question. Teach people to think and learn and grow for themselves.

Click on this link we’ve provided to a Darren Hardy video to learn some awesome concepts from him on how to be a great leader.

He mainly talks about training your people to be problem solvers. Darren also talks about how managers give answers while leaders ask questions. He recommends that you stop giving answers because when your team members problem solve on their own, they take ownership of the problem.

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