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Adrienne Lally
Adrienne Lally
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Attilio Leonardi

Dear Frustrated Real Estate Agent or Tired Employee,

We understand that you may be frustrated right now with your current brokerage or place of work. Perhaps you feel as if you aren’t receiving much, if any, support in building the wealth and success you deserve. You may even feel as if you have no room to grow in your current situation, or as if you simply aren’t being paid up to your worth.

There are six common reasons why new and experienced agents alike often feel frustrated with their current brokerages:

1. Lack of training. If your current brokerage has no training or resources to help you become a better agent, you’re basically on your own.

2. Little to no agent marketing. Does your current brokerage force you to pay for 100% of your marketing materials (like signs, flyers for open houses, etc.)? It is extremely frustrating to know that your brokerage is offering you little, if any, assistance.

3. No lead generation programs for agents.

4. Too much time spent tracking one’s own business. If your brokerage has no way for you to track your business goals and expenses, it can be a massive hassle to see where you’re at in terms of progress for the year.

5. No retirement plan. If your brokerage offers no form of retirement or residual income, you stop making money the instant you stop selling homes.

6. Nothing to offer. When a brokerage doesn’t offer you any resources, it can feel as if you’re running things entirely on your own.

If any of this sounds like you, you aren’t alone. Being an agent in one of the nation’s most competitive markets is a tough thing to break into and keep up with. The island of Oahu currently has 6,480 agents—50% of which are making zero sales. Of the agents who are making sales, only 10% make seven or more sales each year. The other 40% of agents only make between one and six sales per year. This shouldn’t discourage you from trying; however, you will need the right resources to success. Experienced and new agents alike need to constantly grow in order to keep up with the competition.

Staying on top of all of this can feel overwhelming. One of the biggest worries people have is about the money to pay for the classes, webinars, and masterminds that will be essential to your success as an agent. Things can begin to form a cycle. You must close a transaction to afford your training, lead generation programs, and marketing materials—but it’s difficult to close a transaction in the first place without having those things beforehand.

Going into real estate can feel either like the best or the worst career move you’ve ever made. So, how can you be sure that your real estate career won’t end in disaster? You join a quality brokerage—one with the right resources, training, and culture to help you grow as an agent.

With the proper tools, your real estate career can go from barely surviving to absolutely thriving. A career with Keller Williams Honolulu, Oahu’s fastest growing real estate brokerage, can help you achieve this. We are looking for passionate, motivated individuals looking to begin a career with us. Since we first opened our doors five years ago, we’ve become one of the top five most successful brokerages out of the 1,475 that exist here in Hawaii. We take agents and transform them into top producers. Our brokerage is different from the rest because of our culture, training programs, and wealth of supportive resources.

Whether you are a new agent, an experienced one, or are just thinking of entering the world of real estate, we can help you. If the only thing holding you back from getting a license is not knowing where to start, consider the following: Keller Williams Honolulu can give you access to a number of helpful tools and resources. These include:

1. Access to free and affordable training programs. These programs are designed to help agents at every level of skill and experience.

2. Access to our Career Growth Initiative (CGI) that allows agents to track their business, including closings and business expenses.

3. The opportunity to create a residual income for recruiting agents into the brokerage.

4. Access to marketing resources, including fliers, business cards, etc.

5. Access to affordable lead generation programs that are partnered with Keller Williams

6. The opportunity to be a part of our Keller Williams culture—helping agents grow even in times of need through Keller Williams Cares.

By joining Keller Williams Honolulu, you’ll gain access to all of these things as well as a number of other benefits. Perhaps the biggest benefit of being an agent with us is having all the resources to live your life by design, not by default.

Of course, there are always other routes you could try. You could sign with Elite Pacific Properties, where you would be sharing one lead generation program with 106 hungry agents. Or, you could work with Soldier to Soldier Realty for a lower cap. Sure, you can take more after each closing, but you will have to pay for training, marketing, lead generation, and also need to make your own retirement program.

You could also always try staying with your current brokerage and applying our Keller Williams concepts from scratch. But, why risk trying to replicate our success when you could simply join us?

But, don’t just take my word for it. Consider the story of Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi. Back in 2012, Adrienne and Attilio were team leaders of RE/MAX Honolulu’s top producing real estate team: Team Lally. After years of work they formed a 10-member team, but things were far from perfect. The biggest issue with Team Lally was that, eventually, they had no more room to grow.

After doing a great amount of research on Keller Williams Honolulu, Adrienne and Attilio decided to take the leap and transfer. Four years later, Team Lally has grown into a 27-member team with over 170 closed transactions and $83.1 Million in sales volume in 2016 alone. This lands them within the top three most successful real estate teams in the state.

The move over to our brokerage not only allowed their team to build wealth and grow, it also gave them the ability to invest and live a life by design.

We want you to make the switch too, and be a part of the Keller Williams Honolulu brokerage. If you switch, we can offer a one-stop shop in redoing your marketing, finalizing paperwork, and starting your transfer. We guarantee that if you commit to us, we will provide all the necessary training to get your business to the next level.

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